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Board of County Commissioners Meeting Virtual Public Comment Registration Form

  1. Virtual Meeting Participation Information

    Virtual Participants will need to pre-register by completing this Public Comment Form.  

    • A separate preregistration will be required for each meeting. Pre-registration must be completed at least twenty four (24) hours before the start time for the scheduled meeting.

    • Registration must include the agenda item(s) during which the participant wishes to speak. Virtual participants will be limited to five (5) items, not including the open public comment section on non-agenda items at the end of the meeting.

    • Virtual participants will not be allowed to speak on any items for which they have not pre-registered.

    • Comments must be made when the item comes up and not during the open public comment period at the beginning of the meeting.

    • All Virtual Participants must login to the meeting 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting and will utilize the link provided after pre-registration.

    • All participants must participate using an active video connection. Audio only connections will not be recognized.  

    • In the event of technological issues that may occur, those participating via virtual access shall have no recourse and have assumed this as a potential risk of not attending the meeting in person.  

  2. Are you a Walton County resident or landowner?
  3. Select Agenda Item Number(s) on which you would like to comment.

    Using the dropdown menus below, please select the number of the agenda item on which you would like to speak.  You will be limited to 5 items, not to include the Public Comment section on non-agenda items at the end of the meeting.  You will be limited to 3 minutes of public comment for each of the items selected.

  4. Please provide a short summary of the subject matter of comment for each registered item:

  5. Acknowledgement*

    I agree that I have read and understand all limitations and requirements of virtual participation in Walton County meetings and will adhere to all guidelines set forth in the Walton County Board of County Commissioners Meeting Procedures Policy.

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