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Walton County Volunteer Application - Boards/Commissions/Councils/Committees

  1. Please provide a brief explanation of your education, qualifications and experience. Maximum 1500 Characters.

  2. You may upload your resume or any additional documentation that you would like to provide.

  3. Are you a registered voter in Walton County?*

  4. Please indicate the Boards, Commissions, Councils or Committees on which you are interested in serving.*

    Items marked with an * require the annual filing of a Financial Disclosure Form.

  5. Maximum 1500 Characters.

  6. My signature below indicates my desire to serve Walton County in a voluntary capacity as a member of one of its Boards, Commissions, Councils or Committees. I understand there is no financial compensation for serving, but that I may receive some reimbursement for mileage expenses incurred in performing official duties. I also understand that some of these entities (those marked in red text with an *) have a requirement to file an annual Financial Disclosure Form.

  7. My typed name shall serve as my official signature.

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