When it rains, I can't get out of my driveway. What will the County do?

Immediately after rain events, the County can assess damage to County maintained roads and close roads as deemed necessary. This department does NOT have the ability to repair roadways during a rainstorm nor do we use County equipment to pull a stranded motorist from standing water. If a motorist chooses to cross standing water on a roadway that has been signed "Road Closed" or barricaded, it is the responsibility of the motorist to have the vehicle towed. The Public Works Department coordinates with officers and dispatchers from the Sheriff's Department to make sure that weather related signage is installed and properly placed during extreme weather conditions. Once the weather conditions have improved and access is available, this Department will begin to repair damaged roadways in a timely and effective manner. Natural disasters can destroy roads. Walton County will repair and maintain only the roads on our County Maintained Road list.

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5. When it rains, I can't get out of my driveway. What will the County do?
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