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Morrison Springs


  1. Boat / Canoe Access
  2. Grills
  3. Pavilions
  4. Picnic Tables
  5. Restrooms

Morrison Springs is one of the most popular diving spots in northwest Florida and well-known throughout the southeast. This 161-acre park was acquired by the state in 2004 and has been leased to the county to maintain and preserve. The highlight of the park is a 250-foot diameter spring pool that produces and estimated 48 million gallons of crystal clear water each day and has been recorded to produce up to 70 million gallons a day. Three cavities allow Morrison’s frigid waters to surface from the underground aquifer. The deepest of these cavities, at approximately 300 foot in depth, eventually terminates in an underground chamber of unknown dimensions.  The new Morrison Springs Park includes large boardwalks overlooking the springs, a diving dock and a new boat ramp away from the diving location. 

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