Do I have to post anything at the short-term vacation rental, and where do I need to place it? ?

Per Walton County Ordinance 2023-03 you are required to post the following information at the short-term vacation rental location: 

  • Building sign for any registered single family attached or single family detached SVR unit meeting the following requirements - 

a. The sign must be prominently placed on the wall or property of the short-term vacation rental unit so that the required content of the sign shall be legible as viewed from the public right-of-way; however, signage shall not be placed in the public right-of-way. 

b. Such signs shall not be larger than eighteen (18) by twelve (12) inches.

c. The sign must indicate the name, and twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days a week emergency contact phone number or the locally available responsible party or the County’s short term vacation rental hotline number if available clearly identified as such and easily distinguishable from any rental related phone number if different.

d. The sign must indicate the units Short Term Vacation Rental Certificate Number.

  • Informational Posting, on the back of or next to the main entrance door or on the refrigerator - 

 a. The address of the short-term vacation rental unit in case of emergency.

b. The name and phone number of the short-term vacation rental locally available responsible party. 

c. The maximum occupancy of the unit defined as one person per 150 square feet of heated or cooled areas of the house OR lower agreed upon maximum occupancy established during the certificate process:

“Maximum Occupancy is (X) by order of the State Fire Marshal.  In accordance with Florida Administrative Code 69A-43.018 the maximum occupancy load permitted for one and two family dwellings licensed as public lodging establishments shall be computed at 150 square feet gross floor area per person.”

d. The maximum on- site parking available (maximum number of vehicles allowed) for the unit along with a sketch of the location of the usable off-street parking spaces and notice regarding areas where parking is prohibited.

e. Notice regarding the County’s Noise Ordinance (Article 5 – Noise, Walton County Code of Ordinances) and potential civil infraction fines up to $500.00 and/or potential criminal offense violation between the hours of 10:00 p.m and 6:00 a.m. 

f. The days of trash pickup and recycling along with instructions requiring all trash to be kept in provided containers. 

g. If the short-term vacation rental unit is located within the Walton County Wildlife Protection Zone, notice of sea turtle nesting season restrictions and sea turtle lighting usage.

h. The location of the nearest hospital with an emergency room and including a statement to call 911 in case of emergency

i. Information describing beach safety specifically the flag notification system and penalties for violation

j. Information related to turtle nesting area restrictions (if applicable) 

k. Evacuation notice that all occupants must leave when directed by state, county, or local authorities

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