How do I report a water or sewer issue?

Currently, the County only operates and maintains a sanitary sewer system in the Mossy Head Industrial Park area. If you need to report an issue for sewer in that area or if you need a sewer availability letter, please contact Public Works at 850-892-8108 or Submit a service request at See helpful links below for other utility providers within Walton County.

Mossy Head Water Works                      (850) 892-8534

City of DeFuniak Springs Water & Sewer (850) 892-8503

City of Freeport Water & Sewer              (850) 835-3137

City of Paxton Water & Sewer                 (850) 834-2716

Regional Utilities of South Walton           (850) 231-5114

Inlet Beach Water Utility Authority           (850) 231-4498

South Walton Utilities                            (850) 837-2988

Argyle Water System, Inc                       (850) 892-4566

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