After Hours Link to Emergency Numbers

Our normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday 08:00 AM to 04:30 PM.  Beach and street Code Officers are available and work 7-days a week.

If you have a Code issue after hours, the following information may help you:

If you have an emergency environmental issue after hours, please call The Florida Department of Environmental Protection at 1-800-320-0519. You will make contact with the State of Florida’s Emergency Operations Dispatch Center (EOC). You will speak directly to a dispatcher who will take your complaint and will contact the appropriate state emergency response agency for the region of Walton County.

If you have a noise complaint after hours and it is of a serious nature, please call the Walton County Sheriffs Office at their non-emergency phone numbers (850) 892-8111 or (850) 267-2002.

Loud parties are generally handled by the Sheriffs Department as Breach of Peace Violations per Florida Statute 877.03. Please call their numbers listed above.