Children's Needs

Things to Keep them Occupied

Keeping children occupied can be a challenge. The following are suggestions for a "survival kit" for kids:

  • Books, crayons and paper, puzzles, small toys, cards, board games.
  • Stuffed animal, favorite blanket and pillow.
  • CD player with favorite songs or tape player with earphones.

Talking with Your Child

Children's imaginations can run wild, and adults should take these feelings seriously. When talking to your child, be sure to present a realistic picture. After a disaster, children most fear:

  • They will be separated from their family.
  • The event will happen again.
  • Someone will be injured or killed.
  • They will be left alone.
Remember, overexposure to the media can be traumatizing to a child. It is best not to let children view repeated footage of traumatic situations and events.

Kids Get A Plan

 Kids Get A Plan is the Florida Division of Emergency Management program for school age children ages 5 to 12 years old.  The program takes different types of hazardous weather and explains it in a way that children can understand through a book series.  The website Kids Get A Plan offers all of the books electronically free of charge.  Each book has a variety of puzzles and games that children can use to learn about weather.  There are teaching guides for each book that can be used by parents and teachers.