Making a Family Plan


  • Identify potential threats to your home, such as storm surge, wind, flooding, wildfires, chemical spills, tornadoes.
  • Discuss how potential threats could affect your family.
  • Check you insurance coverage. Flood insurance is not covered by homeowners insurance. If you live in a flood prone area, you need to purchase insurance before the need arises.


  • Use this guide to prepare your family and home.
  • Identify the safest area of your home, such as a closet in the middle of the house in case of a tornado. Sometimes, the safest place may not be your home but a shelter or place away from Walton County. During times of evacuation, you will be given instructions on when to evacuate by Walton County Emergency Management.
  • Establish escape routes from your home and places to meet your family.
  • Make a plan for evacuating.
  • Designate out-of-area contacts such as a family member or friend. Make sure everyone knows the name of the person and their phone number.
  • Make a plan for your pets in case you have to evacuate. Most shelters will not accept pets.
  • Make sure your children know how and when to call 911.
  • Fill out the Family Emergency Information Form.
  • Assembly a Disaster Supply Kit and keep it current.
  • Take first aid and CPR classes.


When a disaster occurs, listen to area radio, TV stations, and social media for information. Walton County releases emergency information to all media outlets within the Walton County region, as well on our Emergency Management Facebook page at

Download and discuss your family emergency preparedness plan today!