Overview of Walton County Central Landfill

The Walton County Central Landfill is a comprehensive waste management facility that encompasses various key components aimed at efficient waste disposal, recycling, and environmental preservation. The facility comprises a Transfer Station, Class III Landfill, Material Recovery Facility, Yard Waste Processing Facility, and a Groundwater Monitoring System, all working together to support the waste management needs of Walton County.

Transfer Station and Material Recovery Facility

The history of the Walton County Central Landfill dates back to the 1990s when the original Transfer Station was established. Over the years, this facility has evolved and currently serves as the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) for the county's recyclable materials. In response to the county's population growth and changing waste management needs, a modern Transfer Station was constructed in 2018. This modernized facility ensures efficient waste transfer and processing, enhancing the overall waste management capabilities of the facility.

Class III Landfill Development

The evolution of the Class III Landfill at the Walton County Landfill showcases a commitment to responsible waste disposal practices. Initially established in the 1980s as a trench and fill operation, the landfill was later transformed into a Class III landfill with a final elevation of approximately 300 feet, known as "Cell 1." As this cell approached its capacity, proactive planning led to the design and construction of a new, modern lined Class III Landfill, referred to as "Cell 2."

Cell 2 Development

In 2020, the design process commenced for the new Cell 2 of the Class III Landfill. This development was prompted by the need for additional landfill capacity due to the nearing capacity of Cell 1. The new Cell 2 was strategically designed to ensure efficient waste disposal while adhering to stringent environmental regulations. This development was further divided into two phases, Cell 2A and Cell 2B, to facilitate effective construction and operation.

Construction of Cell 2A was successfully completed in 2021, marking a significant milestone in the expansion and modernization of the Walton County Central Landfill. Cell 2A is currently operational and contributes to the landfill's continued waste disposal capabilities. With its advanced lining and infrastructure, Cell 2A exemplifies the landfill's commitment to responsible waste management practices and environmental stewardship.

In summary, the Walton County Central Landfill stands as a testament to Walton County's dedication to efficient waste management, recycling, and environmental preservation. Through the integration of various components, including the Transfer Station, Material Recovery Facility, and the ongoing development of the Class III Landfill's Cell 2, the landfill plays a crucial role in meeting the waste management needs of the community while prioritizing sustainability and responsible practices.