Picnic Pavilion

Overlooks Morrison Springs and houses several picnic tables under ceiling fans. Includes grills. Parking is near pavilion and restrooms.


Walking distance from picnic pavilion and features 4 outside shower heads for swimmers and divers to rinse off.

Boat Ramp

Fully paved drive leads to paved boat ramp and separate parking. Downstream more than 100 yards from diving location, making boating experience safe for divers and boaters. No motorized boating allowed upstream from boat ramp near springs/boil. Only Kayaks and row boats allowed upstream.


Boardwalks are wheelchair accessible and split in two directions. One boardwalk leads to diver's dock near the boil of the springs, and the other double-backs to the white sand beach at base of picnic pavilion.

Wheelchair Ramps & Accessibility

Handicapped parking is available near the picnic pavilions and the wheelchair-accessible boardwalk leads to the diver's dock and a ramp to the beach at the foot of the picnic pavilion.