Road Departments


View information about your Walton County road projects that are all handled by the Walton County Public Works Department. Construction projects become unsigntly due to stockpiling of materials or the clearing that is required to complete the job. New construction projects are especially susceptible to weather conditions. Rain damages the road bases and we must wait until the material dries before work can continue. Just because it isn't raining doesnt mean that work should be occuring. Usually, if the county isn't working that particular day, it's because of the weather or conditions that were created as a resut of inclement weather.

Roadwork Zones

Zone One

AL line to Hwy 90
Ph: (850) 834-4432

Zone Three

South of Bay
Ph: (850) 267-2201

Zone Two

Hwy 90 to Bay
Ph: (850) 892-8182 or
Ph: (850) 892-8405