The Walton County GIS Department is responsible for the assignment of 9-1-1 addresses within the County. Your address is a very important component of the GIS process.

The GIS Department works cooperatively with Walton County Fire-Rescue, Walton County Sheriff's Office, and 9-1-1 Communications to make sure that your address is accurate.

Address Search and Verification-NEW!!

To search or verify an address please see our Official Address Search and Verification application.   
(Map Included)   

Current Address Assignment

For all new addresses please see our Addressing Assignment Status (published August 21, 2018).
Note:  If the (building/mobile home/temporary power pole) permit was issued over 7 days ago, please refer to our Official Address Search and Verification application to search for the address.  Use the advanced option to search by permit number.


Please see our Address Archive for any address assigned in the past 6 months.