Short-Term Vacation Rental Certification Program

Notice to Existing Short-Term Vacation Rental Unit Owners and Operators 

UPDATE 26 MAY 2023 -  Please contact your advertising/hosting platform to ensure that they are registered with the Florida Department of Revenue to remit state taxes on your behalf. You will need the unique ID number in order to apply for the county certificate. 

Additional information regarding Florida State Sales and Use Tax can be found at the following links: 

Florida Department of Revenue General Sales and Use Tax Information

Florida Department of Revenue Living or Sleeping Accommodations Sales and Use Tax Information

Florida Department of Revenue Agent Application for Collective Registration of Living or Sleeping Accommodations

3 MAY 2023 - Thank you for your interest in the Short-Term Vacation Rental Certification Program. Working through initial certifications, comments, calls and questions there is a common misconception which could delay your application process - obtaining registration and licensure. Below are the three required items FOR ALL short-term vacation rental owners operating in Walton County. 


1 MAY 2023 - Walton County Department of Planning & Development Services began notification with all currently identified owners or their designated agent on a rolling geographic basis, indicating the time frame during which applications will be accepted based on property location. A REFERENCE application packet is available in the document section of this site. The online application link will be provided in the notice to apply, which will begin mailing this week. 

Additionally, we have uploaded a summary of the State of Florida Life Safety Requirements in an infographic form for reference.  

Thank you for your patience as we update and upgrade our ability to serve you. If you have any questions, please use the contact form below. 

Anticipated Timeframe
Application Submission Windows 
MayJune JulyAugustSeptemberOctober NovemberDecemberJanuaryFebruaryMarchApril
32550325503255032461, 32462, 32578 & 32439 32461, 32462, 32578 & 32439 32461, 32462, 32578 & 32439 32459324593245932435, 32455, 32539, 32464, 32567 & 3243332435, 32455, 32539, 32464, 32567 & 3243332435, 32455, 32539, 32464, 32567 & 32433

*** Please note that this is only an estimate based on anticipated application submission workload and will be modified as required. 

Short-Term Vacation Rentals 

As of February 2023 there are over 14,000+ active Short-Term Vacation Rentals operating in Walton County, FL; a 17% growth year over year. About 90% of these are single or multi-family homes where the entire house is rented (Granicus 2023). Based on market survey in 2022 - 68% of visitors to Walton County used rental houses/condos (Downs & St. Germain Research). 

Since many these buildings were approved and built to a residential code, there are additional Health and Safety requirements when operating as a short-term vacation rental. Please use the links below to fully understand what is required. 

  1. State Regulations
  2. State Helpful Links
  3. County Ordinances
  4. County Helpful Links

Walton County Short-Term Vacation Rental Guidebook

Florida Life Safety Requirements

Exterior Sign Template 


Walton County Short-Term Vacation Rental Certification Reference Packet

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