Short-Term Rental Issues


The Walton County Board of County Commissioners is in the process of taking public input and collecting data to support its objective of reducing the negative impacts generated by the rapid increase in the practice of short-term rental of single-family residences within existing residential neighborhoods. Part of the Board’s concern stems from ever increasing numbers of conversions of older existing homes to much larger residential structures designed to accommodate large numbers of short-term renters.

The Board has tasked the County Planning Department with generating draft proposals to regulate these structures and their landlord/owners to address public health, safety and welfare issues created within the neighborhoods around them. The Department will also collect data on the impacts on public resources and infrastructure generated by these high intensity uses.

The staff has developed an initial draft ordinance which follows the format adopted by many of Florida’s coastal cities and Counties to create a registration/regulation system to address the most widely recognized impact areas. The Board has requested that staff take this draft out for a series of public workshops to take input from residents using the draft as a strawman for discussion.

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