District Three

Melanie Nipper

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I grew up on the beaches of South Florida and have spent my entire life in Florida except for 8 years of serving in the Army as a UH-60 Blackhawk and airplane pilot. I moved here with my husband, Jim, in 2005, 11 years ago. We operate a hay farm and own Skydive North Florida, a weekend tourist based tandem skydiving business.

My goals are simple and they apply to every aspect of the issues facing our county. "Just do the right thing every time even when you think no one is looking." That was advice given to me my first day of active duty Army. I live that way and I plan on continuing to uphold that standard as your County Commissioner. I EXPECT to be held accountable for all of my actions. I will bring you Fair, Honest, Open government with No Favoritism.

I understand tourism, and I understand being a resident, home owner, and tax payer in this county. Our South end needs a major infrastructure initiative. Our North end needs businesses and jobs. Our entire county needs to be treated with respect, our tax dollars need to be spent wisely by those responsible, and our voice needs to be heard - let's stop catering to special interest groups and give the people what they want. Just basics - honesty, respect, accountability, and fairness.

I am still serving in the Army as a Reservist, 24 years. I have spent 6 years, 6 different deployments, 3 in Iraq fighting for the freedoms of Americans. It is now my goal to serve Walton County, serve you. And since I protect our right to freedom of speech - I will guarantee you, your voice will be heard.

Communities: Alpine Heights, Children’s Home, Cluster Springs, Dixon, Defuniak Springs NW, Ealum, Liberty, Mossy Head, New Harmony, Piney Grove, Sand Hill