Business and Economic Development

Welcome to Walton County, Florida.

It is our distinct honor to represent Walton County, its residents, local businesses and non-governmental organizations in this beautiful place many of us call home.  

Most of you know our 26 miles of beautiful beaches! But, did you know we are the fastest growing county in the State of Florida and the 6th fastest growing county in the nation. The one thing we are lacking and desperately need, Is YOU, your family, and your business to expand or relocate to Walton County! 

Our Board of County Commissioners have created an innovative vision and stakeholder partnership with the business, education, and our workforce community. We are making GOVERNMENT your partner not your obstacle! Our mission is simple, bring the county economic development tool-box, build what you need, build it fast, and get out of the way. 

What makes us different is we are offering you a community and not just another site selection and ROI spread sheet. 

The Walton County Board of County Commissioners is dedicated to all levels of commerce and quality of life.  We believe it’s just as important to educate and mentor our children in the fundamentals of education, community service and commerce as it is to help our residents with unique abilities in the workforce or recruit a major manufacturing and logistics corporation. 

Our Board of County Commissioners has created a unique partnership with our local Economic Development Alliance (EDA) to bring a full array of government and non-governmental economic incentives and community to your business and your employees. 

If you are here on vacation, consider potentially relocating your business here to take advantage of all Walton County offers.  If you live here and want to expand your business or community mission, please call us. We have provided the following contact information and information resources that can be explored and potentially integrated to your business. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you, 

Bill Imfeld
Executive Director 
Walton County Economic Development Alliance