Hardship Assistance Provision and Application

There is a hardship assistance provision in the Resolution for low income persons who are owners of homesteaded residential property with the financial burden created by the imposition of the Assessment. An owner of residential property who meets low income level and asset guidelines specified by the BCC shall be eligible to receive partial payment of the Fire Rescue Assessment by the County.

Applicants for this hardship assistance shall complete the Application for Hardship Assistance and provide written documentation satisfactory to the County Administrator’s office (Administration) by May 1st of each year in order to qualify for such assistance. If the owner qualifies, Administration sends a copy of the Hardship Application and approval letter to the Tax Collector’s office.

As a consequence of the transient use and potential for significant numbers of vacancies within mobile home parks and recreational vehicle parks and the potential sustained lack of demand for fire rescue services for spaces not occupied by a recreational vehicle or a mobile home, each owner of mobile home park and recreational vehicle park property shall be afforded the opportunity to demonstrate, in the manner established in the Resolution, the vacancy rate in space occupancy within such property and receive a vacancy adjustment to the Fire Rescue Assessments imposed upon such property. Vacant spaces shall be those determined by Administration based on evidence of a vacancy rate provided by the owner on or before May 1st of each year. If the owner qualifies, Administration sends a letter of determination approval to the Tax Collector’s office.