Map Portal

Walton County Interactive Maps:

We recommend using google chrome for the interactive maps. A short instructional guide for the interactive maps is available at: Quick Reference Guide.

General Interactive Map:

General information for Walton County. This map includes information on addresses, parcels, future land use, wetlands, flood zones and other.

Planning Interactive Map:

Includes all of the information available in the General Interactive Map and more. Some of the additional information includes beach mouse tiers, elevation contours, initial county problem areas and more. This map is useful if you are working through the planning and development process and need additional information on property.

Specialty Mapping Applications:

These are specialty maps usually emphasizing one theme. These maps include evacuation zones, evacuation routes, wind exposure areas, parks, voting locations and others.

Official Address Verification:

This application is used to obtain an address verification for a location in Walton County. Using this application an address verification letter can be obtained by searching for an address, parcel number or building permit number.

Walton County Static Maps:

These are pdf copies of maps that are often requested.

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Please direct all inquiries concerning mapping issues related to this site to the Walton County GIS Department at (850) 892-2452.