Building Permit Review Process

The Planning and Development Services Department initially takes in all applications and submittals for single family homes, swimming pools, and most accessory structures in order to determine whether or not the project is compliant with the Land Development Code and the Comprehensive Plan.  This review must be completed before proceeding to permitting with the Building Department.

The Walton County Land Development Code contains requirements for parking, storm water management, preservation and natural resource protection, floodplain management, parking and setbacks, etc. that must be met during the planning review process.

  • Valuable information regarding when an engineered storm water plan is needed and information regarding construction types not requiring an engineered storm water plan can be found here.
  • Valuable information regarding building on a coastal dune lake or tributary or in other environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands can be found here.
  • Valuable information about floodplain management can be found here.

Planning review begins with a completeness check, any deficiencies in the package will be identified and applicants will be notified promptly. Once Planning Department approval is issued , the applicant may submit to the Building Department. Click  here  to go to the Building Department page.