Road and Bridge Projects

You are viewing upcoming and active projects. All construction projects require cooperation from the contractor, utility companies, the owner and especially the users (the taxpayers that are paying for the improvement). 
District Project Name (click on project name) Status/Pics Updated

District 1 CR395 (US 98-Bayou)-Multi-use Path Design and Permitting 11/13/17
District 1 East Point Washington Road Under Design 06/13/17
District 1 Walton Bridge Road Substantial Completion   1/13/18
 District 1 Old Landfill Road PD&E Study 06/13/17
 District 1 Leonardo Lane Surveying 06/13/17
 District 1 East Picasso Circle Surveying 06/13/17
 District 1 Van Gogh Court Surveying 06/13/17
 District 1 Monet Court Surveying 06/13/17
 District 2 Highway 2 Bridge Design and Permitting 06/13/17
District 2 CR 183 (Kidd/Line Road) Under Construction 08/21/17
 District 2 Indian Creek Ranch Road Bridge Replacement Design and Permitting 06/13/17
 District 3 Bay Magnolia Lane Surveying 06/13/17
 District 3 Cedar Street Surveying 06/13/17
 District 4 Driftwood & Ellis Phase III Under Design 06/13/17
 District 4 Walton Way Cross Drain upgrade Under Design 06/13/17
 District 5 Don Bishop Cross Drain Under Design 06/13/17
 District 5  Helen McCall Park Connector Road from CR 393S Under Design and Permitting 11/13/17
District 5 Blue Bell Circle Under Construction 12/13/17
District 5 CR 393 Ridge Road to US 98 Multi Use Path Under design and permitting 06/13/17
 District 5 Alligator Lake Bridge on 30A Under Design  06/13/17
 District 5 Little Redfish Bridge on 30A Under Design  06/13/17
 District 5 Oak Hill Lane Under Design 07/25/17
 District 5 Pine Knoll Lane Under Design 06/13/17
 District 5 Blue Gulf Drive Under Design 12/13/17