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Environment, Military Affairs, Rec. notes
October 29 2009

The following are key topics identified during the meeting:


  • Understand that the bases are economic drivers for the region
  • Emphasis local firms for various contracts
  • Positions contractors in Walton County
  • Improve East-West corridor/connections to the bases
  • Provide better housing options and employment opportunities for the incoming personnel and their families
  • Partner with the bases to develop mass transit systems


  • Seek special designations on the Federal and State levels for the coastal dune lakes
  • Continue beach re nourishment: beach clean up, reduce smoking/cigarette butts
  • Market the “underdeveloped” nature of the County
  • Promote awareness of the natural beauty and economic value of natural settings
  • Create a data base and map environmental “gems” throughout the County
  • Encourage and continue monitoring ecosystems studies; watershed studies, CB etc.
  • Encourage Agro-tourism


  • Increase availability of pools, boat ramps, golf courses
  • Increase sidewalks as connectors of facilities
  • Develop partnerships with various jurisdictions to promote recreational opportunities
  • Add more playgrounds/ skate parks, more youth oriented recreation is needed rather than passive parks etc.
  • Encourage private recreation, such as theaters, bowling alleys
  • Develop linear parks, boardwalks, nature trails, bike paths etc.
  • Develop broader vision: use pathways to connect with recreation
  • Use State ROW as recreation trails