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Change of Use
Submittal Requirements
The first step to submitting a development of any kind is to call (850) 267-1955 to schedule a pre-application meeting with staff.  No applications will be accepted prior to a pre-application meeting.

Change of Use

In Walton County, it is very common for businesses to move in and out of the many commercially designated structures located through out the county. This sometimes causes problems to arise when a new business is much more intense or of a different classification as the previous business. Walton County Development Services require a Change of Use review to address issues that might arise between the differing intensities or classifications of outgoing and incoming businesses. The Change of Use review only applies to commercial usage.

Typically, a new business will propose to move into a space vacated by a prior business. The new business is reviewed to ensure that it is allowed in the particular land use category of the existing structure and that the required infrastructure exists to support the proposed new business. During the Change of Use review, several aspects of the existing commercial location are reviewed such as parking requirements, traffic requirements, etc. This review is necessary to insure that the new business can safely operate in the confines of the proposed location. If a new business proposes to use existing commercial space and is of the same classification and intensity as the prior tenants no Change of Use review would be required.