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Walton County Planning and Development Special Event Application/Permit

  1. On February 17th, the BCC passed Resolution 2017-6 which set the fees for special events. The following fees will be charged per event. $50.00 for less than 10 people $150.00 for 10 to 30 people $250.00 for 31 to 50 people $500.00 for 51 to 75 people $1,000.00 for 76+ people Developments of Regional Impact (DRI's) and Planned Unit Developments (PUD's) shall submit a calendar of events for the calendar year and be subject to a fee of $1,000.00 per calendar year.

  2. Please complete the following information for your Activity, Event or Wedding

  3. Applicant can not begin set up until after 8:00am and must have all items removed from the beach by midnight. Setup can only begin 1-hour before event time, and take down must be completed within 1 hour of the conclusion of the event.

  4. Please provide information for your event, activity or wedding.

  5. Events of 100 people will require an event sponsor to provide security. Contact the Walton County Sheriff’s Office @ or 850-892-8186 for security per the Walton County ordinance.

    Permit required 5-7 days before event. Contact South Walton Fire District at or 850-267-1298

  6. Enter Number of Tents

  7. Enter Number of Chairs

  8. Enter Number of Tables

    Please select the appropriate answer for your event or activity

  9. If you have any questions, please contact the South Walton TDC at 850-267-4578.

    Special Event Permit as per Walton County Ordinance 2013-04: Any activity or event that is organized and promoted to attract, and is likely to attract a crowd of more than 50 persons to a certain place on the beach at a certain time under circumstances that are likely to interfere with the public’s right of access and use of the beach or create a need for additional police, lifesaving, or other services (Must Advise Development Services Office); or…Any activity or event on the beach that is promoted or sponsored by commercial interests and will advertise or promote private commercial interests…NON-REFUNDABLE Permits are required for all weddings that are to be held on a public beach access, so as to not have more than one wedding taking place at the same time and place. Events over 100 people will require event sponsor to provide security. Event applicants and/or sponsors are required to clean the beach immediately after the event has been completed. *Glass containers are prohibited on the beach. *Generators are not permitted on the beach. THERE ARE TO BE NO WEDDINGS WITHIN 200 FEET OF A MARKED SEA TURTLE NEST.

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