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2017 Beach Driving Permit Lottery Application

  1. Applicants must be full time Walton County residents and meet all requirements as outlined in Ordinance 2017-05. Applications will not be accepted unless all eligibility requirements are met and all documentation is provided at the time of application. Incomplete applications will not be eligible for the lottery draw. Applications will be held until May 15 at which time 150 applicants will be selected through a random lottery. If May 15 falls on a weekend or County holiday, the lottery will take place the following business day. If applying by mail or in person, a copy of all required documentation must be provided by applicant. It is the applicants responsibility to ensure that all required documentation is correct and provided at the time the application is submitted. We will not contact the applicant regarding missing, expired, incorrect or other documentation submitted with the application that renders the applicant ineligible for the lottery drawing. You may contact Administration at 850.892.8155 to verify entry after submission or if you have any questions regarding required documentation.

  2. In order to receive a Beach Driving Permit through the lottery, you must be either a full time Walton County resident and property owner or a full time Walton County resident and registered voter. ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE IN APPLICANTS NAME.

  3. Option 1 - Full Time Resident and Property Owner

    If this option is selected, the following documentation must be submitted: Current Driver's License, Current Florida (4x4)Vehicle Registration, Current Trailer Registration (if applying for trailer), Real Property Ownership Documentation, Current Paid Property Tax Statement and Controlling Interest Verification or Resolution (if shared owner of property)

  4. Option 2 - Full Time Resident and Registered Voter

    If this option is selected, the following documentation must be submitted: Current Driver's License, Current (4x4) Vehicle Registration, Current Trailer Registration (if applying for trailer) and Walton County Voter Registration Card.

  5. Please provide the parcel identification number of owned property.

  6. ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE IN APPLICANTS NAME. All required documentation may be scanned, uploaded and submitted online. Please upload all required documentation in regard to your application submission as it applies.

  7. Upload image copy of current driver's license.

  8. Upload image copy of current vehicle registration.

  9. Upload image copy of current trailer registration.

  10. Upload image copy of Walton County Voter Registration Card.

  11. Upload image copy of real property ownership docs. From Prop Appraiser.

  12. If property is co-owned, provide proof of 51%+ ownership.

  13. Upload image of current property taxes paid from Tax Collector.

  14. All persons who wish to submit an application must understand and agree with all of the following terms and conditions.

  15. Liability Statement*

    The Board of County Commissioners is not liable for the actions of drivers permitted in accordance with this ordinance. (i.e. property damage, theft or other harm to persons)

  16. Application Acceptance Dates*

    Preliminary applications will be accepted by County Administration between April 1 and May 10 of each year. Those chosen by random drawing will be notified via email no later than June 1 of each year, and may purchase the permit by phone or in person.

  17. Vehicle Type*

    Permits may only be obtained if the registered vehicle on the application is a recognized 4x4/4-wheel drive vehicle that is licensed to be driven on highways. All-wheel drive only vehicles do not qualify.

  18. One Year Permit Limit*

    All permits are issued on a one year only basis and are not renewable. You must enter the lottery each year to be eligible for a permit.

  19. Permit Cost*

    The cost of an annual beach driving permit shall be in the amount of $135.00 USD for vehicle / $40.00 USD for trailer.

  20. Failure to Purchase*

    Those selected in the lottery will have 30 calendar days to purchase permits from Walton County Administration beginning June 1. Those who fail to purchase their permit within the 30 days will forfeit their chance to obtain the beach driving permit for that calendar year.

  21. Please provide your online signature and date you are submitting your application.

  22. Please enter your full legal name. Formal signature will be required prior to purchase if your application is selected under the lottery. Under Penalties of perjury, I declare that I have read the foregoing instrument and that the facts stated in it are true.

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