Special Needs Preparation


Families who have members with special needs must take extra measures to ensure their preparedness. The following are suggestions from the American red Cross and FEMA:

Families with special needs must ask themselves the following questions:
  • Can we manage the needs of our family for three days with little or no help?
  • Can we meet any crisis or emergency on our own for that period of time?
  • Can we make decisions concerning our special needs without consultation or help for three days?
  • Do we have the supplies and equipment to meet our special needs for three days?
If the answer is "no" to any of the above questions, families must seriously consider evacuation from their homes in the event of a disaster. Advance preparations would include how to evacuate and where to relocate. Walton County sets up a special needs shelter when an evacuation order is issued but medical help is very limited. The special needs patient must be accompanied by someone who is fully capable of caring for their needs.  Be sure that you are registered on the Walton County Special Needs Registry.  For questions on the special needs registry call (850) 892-8065 and select Option 2.


  • For respirators, other electric-dependent medical equipment or oxygen, make prior arrangements with your physician or check with your oxygen supplier about emergency plans.
  • Two-week stock of disposable supplies needed for your medical condition.
  • Two-week supply of all medications, prescription and non-prescription drugs.
  • Electrical backup for medical equipment.
  • Copies of prescriptions for medical equipment, supplies, and medications. Also, contact lenses and supplies, extra eyeglasses and batteries for hearing aids.
The above supplies are in addition to your normal disaster supplies.